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Powerful “Inside Surgical Cavity” Illumination

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The Latest Advancement In LED “ Inside Surgical Cavity” Illumination. Compact, Single-Use, Cable-Free, Flat Bladed Retractor Compatible!

It’s as simple as “stick and click”

New Products: Disposable surgery lights

The Oplight™

Traditional overhead lighting systems or head mounted fiber optic systems have limitations and are sometimes sub-optimal for surgery into deep cavities where shadowing can be an issue. The integral patented light guide designed into each Oplight cartridge maximizes and directs light directly into the cavity eliminating the possibility of shadowing.

Oplight™ image Oplight™ image Oplight™ image

Key features

  • Single-use reduces potential cross-contamination
  • Lights easily placed to optimize illumination of the surgical cavity
  • Simple on/off switch means additional surgeon control
  • Up to 3 hours of continuous illumination
  • Illuminates cavity without overhead shadowing. Reduces the need for head-mounted lamps
  • Firm attachment: resistant to dislodgement
  • Extremely Powerful bright LED illumination
  • Extremely easy to use just “Stick and Click”
  • Compatible with all flat bladed retractors
  • A must for ALL “Deep Surgical Cavity” operations
  • On/Off switch for additional surgeon control
  • Patented technology directs light into the surgical cavity and away from surgeon’s eyes
  • No more shadows associated with ceiling lights and head mounted lamps
  • Compact and efficient (55mmx25mm actual size)
  • No capital equipment expense

Combination Reduction Forceps

The CRF instrument combines orthopedic reduction forceps with a guidance system that provides operating ports at either side of the forceps which utilizes a parallel clamping action ensuring accurate placement of the drill sleeve guides for optimum implant placement.

Combination Reduction Forceps

Key features

  • Small and large fragment sizes
  • Conforms to standard AO size recommendations
  • Combines reduction with guidance
  • Optimizes positioning of implant
  • Ergonomic design
  • May reduce number of required x-rays
  • May reduce need for use of cannulated screw systems

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